The Public Interior project: Central Station, Sydney

 Central Station, Eddy Avenue entrance and ramp

Sydney Central station contains an abundance of under-utilised spaces. Design and plan a space in a chosen zone within the site that introduces new programs and uses into the space.

Train stations are stressful, busy, in-between places. The space operates under “fast time” where the main objective is to dwell in the space as little as possible. Get in, get out. A series of beams portrude from the ground, creating a set of corridors and paths that allows commuters to quickly get in and out of the station. This is the space of fast-time and does not compromise the site’s primary function as an entrance/exit. A permeable, skeletal space allows for this to happen.

A space that allows for a slowing of time is inserted onto Eddy Ave ramp. The beams support an additional ground plane, one that connects with the balcony outside the Western Forecourt. This is the space of the slow-time, hovering above the space of the fast-time, where inhabitants can eat, rest, sunbathe, watch a film, listen to a busker, read, chat.An ampitheatre / open air cinema sits on the upper level. The projections on the screen act as a beacon, drawing people into the slow-time space while also being in view from train stations that pass by.

Bow-Wow from Echoes of Spaces states that “we will come to a conclusion that our life itself consists of constant transfers.” This space trasnfers inhabitants not just from point A to B but also from fast-time to slow-time.