HMAS Platypus (former submarine base), Neutral Bay, Sydney, Australia

Develop a design solution for the two derelict buildings on the derelict HMAS Platypus site and appropriate them as an art exhibition space as well as an adjacent living space for the art collector. There is a set list of artworks to be exhibited:
- Olafur Eliasson, 360 room for all colours
Walter de Maria, The broken kilometre
Dan Flavin, Untitled light installation
Carl Andre, Black white carbon tin
Fabienne Verdier, Red circle on green background
Jackson Pollock, Number 1
Tino Sehgal, This is so contemporary

The impetus for this project was to break the white cube gallery space in order to change how viewers experience the work. It started through looking in ways in which the cube’s spatiality can be rearranged in order to move the body in a particular way, and in doing so turning the act of looking at art as a performance.

The white cube is rearranged using spatial verbs (slotting, flatten, extend, compress, extrude, etc) in order to change its spatiality and modify the inhabitant's movements and interaction with the space. The way these works are exhibited allow for an active engagement with the work and slows down the performance of the journey through the gallery. Rather than having viewers walk around the gallery and stopping for a few seconds in front of a work then walking away, there is an additional step to that process. It is essentially the slowing of the journey. 

The living space is embedded within the gallery and is designed to function as a self-contained living space but is designed in a way that the inhabitants still have access to and view the works from their private spaces through openings, interior balconies and apertures.